We thrilled to announce one of Rozetta’s latest members, ACIL Allen.

ACIL Allen were welcomed as a new member of Rozetta at its 2023 AGM.

ACIL Allen is a leading economics, policy and strategy advisory firm. Their purpose is to help clients make informed decisions about complex economic and public policy issues. They are committed and passionate about providing rigorous independent advice that contributes to a better world.

Dr Jerome Fahrer, the member representative of ACIL Allen, is the Director of ACIL Allen. Dr Fahrer leads ACIL Allen’s competition policy practice, and advises corporate and government clients on energy and climate change, payment systems, telecommunications, wagering, and competition and regulation policy. He is a regular expert witness in legal cases and advises government on policy reform. Prior to joining ACIL Allen in 1995, Dr Fahrer was a senior official of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

This is a huge step forward, and we look forward to an exciting collaboration with ACIL Allen.

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