At its AGM on 9 December 2022, Rozetta Institute thanked three retiring Directors and Chair for their service and welcomed a new Chair and two new Directors.

The Rozetta Institute emerged from the Capital Markets CRC, which was founded in 2001, funded by Australia’s Cooperative Research Centres Program. The Capital Markets CRC applied world-leading research infrastructure and analytical expertise to global markets including finance, health, energy and digital finance. The aim was to make them all fairer and more efficient, thereby benefiting our partners. The CRC commercialised a number of products, and retained some of the capital raised from the sale of these products to enable its continuation in the form of Rozetta Institute.

Professor David Skellern, one of Australia’s most eminent scientists and most successful deep tech entrepreneurs, has been chair of Capital Markets CRC and Rozetta since 2013. He effectively led Rozetta Institute to the position it is now in, which is with a substantial endowment and a clear direction to support research and innovation in Australia. Professor Skellern was ably supported by outgoing Directors Professor Mike Aitken, Ms Clare Gill, and Mr Peter Clare. The Chair and Directors received a vote of thanks by the Members of Rozetta Institute for their outstanding service and leadership.

Outgoing Chair of Rozetta Institute, Professor David Skellern

The AGM elected incoming Chair Andrew Dyer and new Board Members Jan Bingley and Professor Dan Johnson. Andrew Dyer brings global experience in organisational change and business models as a previous Senior Partner of Boston Consulting Group. Jan Bingley has an extensive career in technology transfer, commercialisation and venture and Professor Johnson is the PVCR Innovation and Enterprise at Macquarie University. They are joined by existing Board Members Dr Andreas Furche (Current CEO of the Digital Finance CRC) and Distinguished Professor Stephen Taylor, Associate Dean (Research) for the Business School at UTS. The incoming Chair thanked the previous board members and Professor Skellern for directing the activities of Rozetta Institute to leave it in such a strong position. The job of the new Board will be to wisely use the endowment funds of Rozetta Institute to seed fund new research activities in Australia that deliver total societal impact.

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