Innovating for a better world

Rozetta Institute provides a unique and distinct opportunity to grow major new research programs based upon industry and societal needs.

Our focus is on supporting research to increase the quality of both private and public marketplaces around the world – to improve access, transparency, efficiency and fairness, benefiting organisations and individuals who operate in them. To achieve this, we harness Australia’s excellent research resources by orchestrating key players to come together and address industry challenges.

Rozetta acts like an accelerator, offering access to its network of experienced mentors, industry experts, and business partners who provide valuable insights and connections. It also provides co-working spaces, infrastructure, and various resources necessary for bid development, such as legal and accounting support, marketing assistance, and access to potential customers or partners. Rozetta’s support typically runs for a fixed duration, usually in an annual cycle, during which bid teams receive intensive support and guidance. We also support the broader Rozetta ecosystem of centres and industry partnerships to learn and benefit from each others’ experience.

Unlike a traditional accelerator, who typically takes an equity stake in the venture they support, Rozetta encourages successful bidders to continue to make use of its resources and connections to move effectively through the start up phase and into operation.  Rozetta does not expect a financial return. Rozetta welcomes all into its innovation ecosystem.

The Rozetta Institute

will be exploring and experimenting with new models of innovation and invites ideas and discussions with existing and potential partners.

Direct Rozetta Activity

At Rozetta, we use research as the foundation of the innovation process.

Our success if attributed to our commercial focus, broad experience and operation efficiency.

We harness Australia’s excellent research resources by orchestrating key players to come together and address industry challenges that can only be solved through a process of collaboration between all players.

A network with a shared goal

Every research project we undertake lets our partners solve complex problems, deliver insights, make evidence-based decisions, achieve business outcomes (regulatory or commercial) and drive change.

We invite anyone in Australia who shares the same goal to contact us to discuss how we might work together.

Harnessing Australian research excellence to create positive impact

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