Digital Finance CRC

The Rozetta Institute submitted the Digital Finance CRC (DFCRC) application in 2020 and was approved in 2021. The DFCRC started operations in November 2021.

The DFCRC is a 10-year, $180 million research program funded by industry partners, universities and the Australian Government. The DFCRC brings together fintech, industry, researchers and regulators to develop and capitalise on the huge commercial opportunities arising from the next transformation of financial markets – the digitisation of assets so they can be traded and exchanged directly and in real-time between any individual or organisation.

In August 2022, the Reserve Bank of Australia and DFCRC announced a pilot project to examine the economic benefits of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in Australia. The project will explore innovative use cases and business models for a CBDC and understand technological, legal and regulatory frameworks.

Nature Positive Economy CRC

The Rozetta Institute will submit an application for a Nature Positive Economy CRC in Round 25 of the Cooperative Research Program. The expected submission closing date is March 2024.

A “nature positive economy” restores and protects the natural systems and processes crucial for human health and well-being, while also generating profits for the economy.

Nature Positive Economy CRC will address questions in three key areas:

Program Identification

  • Where are the large, transformational projects that can help achieve targets?
  • Which projects need investment?

Measuring Nature

  • What tools and standards are needed for nature positive markets?
  • How do we remove greenwashing?
  • What is needed to drive a nature positive digital transformation?

Green Financing and Markets

  • What are the financial products and market frameworks needed to de-risk this transition?
  • What are the digital exchange and auditing mechanisms needed to support them?

Accelerating the Transition

  • What do optimal pathways look like for this transition?
  • What are the barriers to change?
  • How do we ensure that the new nature positive economy is profitable and globally competitive?
Partners will help develop the nature positive economy for Australia as co-investors in building the core financial and market instruments and measuring tools that will enable this economy to thrive.
The outcome? Capable and confident business communities as part of a 21st Century economy that grows jobs and business opportunities while positively impacting the planet and humanity.

Potential outcomes of the Nature Positive Economy CRC include:


Build a 21st century economy that grows jobs and business opportunities


Capable and confident business communities ready to positively impact the planet and humanity


Restore natural habitat to protect Australia’s unique and priceless biodiversity

Property Technology CRC

The Australian Property Technology CRC, or PropTech CRC, is an initiative aimed at revamping Australia’s entire property lifecycle. We are a multidisciplinary research and commercialization center, partnering with government agencies and industry stakeholders to create more than 1.2 million well-located homes and boost employment in the technology sector across the country by the end of the decade.

Our mission is simple: Develop technology solutions that facilitate connectivity, improve access, expand housing supply, and mobilize the capital needed to alleviate Australia’s housing crisis.

Why PropTech CRC is Needed

Bridging Gaps, Building Futures

Our role goes beyond research; we act as a catalyst to connect stakeholders, foster innovation, and promote transparency in Australia’s residential property markets. Our work will center around building the “digital rail” that connects all relevant industry parties, from the government to developers and researchers. This will be facilitated by the CRC model, which enables long-term partnerships for high-impact outcomes.

Through this initiative, we not only aim to create a seamless and efficient property marketplace but also position Australia as a global leader in the PropTech industry, generating jobs and new business opportunities.

Research Focus

The Four Streams Driving PropTech CRC

Unlocking Access

Unlocking Supply

Unlocking Capital

Unlocking Connectivity

Through these streams, we aspire to revamp property transactions, advance urban planning, and instigate meaningful, impact-based investments in Australia’s real estate market.

Unlocking Access

Transforming the Way Australians Engage with Property

How can we make it more straightforward for Australians to acquire suitable housing? Our research in this stream focuses on refining the transactional aspects of property, aiming to improve the current rigid and ineffective ways through which owners, buyers, renters, and investors interact with the property market.

Key Outputs

  • Introduction of technology-backed alternative home ownership and tenancy models like shared equity, build-to-rent, and rent-to-buy.
  • Development of tools that correct marketplace asymmetry and stimulate healthier behavior, such as automated rental management systems and renter/landlord scoring.
  • Innovations that ease home searching and purchasing, incorporating automated valuation models, smart contracts, and automated mortgage solutions.

Key Outcomes

  • Widespread adoption of tech-enabled tenancy and home ownership models, simplifying entry into the housing market for buyers, renters, and investors.
  • Diminished imbalances between buyers/sellers and landlords/renters during the property search process.
  • Less dependency on third parties for activities like home valuation, buying/selling, and rental management.
  • Better-informed decisions for buyers and renters based on comprehensive data including job opportunities, community safety, and neighborhood dynamics, in addition to pricing.
  • Improved housing security and affordability, particularly benefiting essential workers.

CRC for Retirement Income Solutions

The Rozetta Institute has submitted an application for a CRC for retirement income solutions for Round 25 of the Cooperative Research Program. This initiative, known as the CRC for Retirement Income Solutions (RIS CRC), aims to digitally transform Australia’s retirement income industry. By unlocking and harmonising siloed data for the first time, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data and behavioural sciences, the RIS CRC seeks to create accessible retirement products and digital advice solutions that are trusted and valued by consumers, financial advisers, super funds, and regulators. Additionally, the RIS CRC will play a pivotal role in stimulating fintech SMEs, generating job opportunities, and addressing the significant retirement income advice gap faced by the majority of Australians. Through these efforts, the RIS CRC endeavors to make retirement advice more affordable and accessible for millions of current and future retirees, thus contributing to the overall financial well-being of the nation.

Why a Retirement Income CRC is Needed

The Industry Problem

The retirement income landscape in Australia presents a significant challenge for the majority of individuals. Navigating complexities around superannuation, lifespan uncertainties, and pension means tests leaves many Australians without the guidance they need. The advice gap is glaring, with only a fraction of individuals benefiting from financial advice due to high costs, limited advisers, and unprepared super funds. This gap demands focused research and innovative solutions to ensure accessible retirement advice at scale.

Research Scope

  • Unlocking Retirement Data: Unified fragmented data sources to maximise the value of consumer data.
  • Retirement Products and Digital Advice Solutions: Developed tailored retirement products and digital advice solutions catering to diverse retirement cohorts.
  • Building Trust and Assurance: Established reliable systems trusted by consumers, advisers, funds, and regulators. Additionally, cultivated industry-ready expertise through an extensive Education and Training program.



  • Democratise Access to Financial Advice: Fostered digital adoption and innovation to make financial advice more accessible.
  • Accelerate Digital Solutions Adoption: Stimulated the adoption of digital solutions by super funds and advisers.
  • Stimulate Fintech SME Growth: Supported the growth of fintech SMEs within the retirement industry.
  • Enhance Consumer Financial Literacy: Promoted financial literacy to empower consumers.
  • Rebuild Advice Industry: Introduced new hybrid roles to rebuild and modernise the advice industry.


Industry Laureate Fellowship – Superannuation

Rozetta Institute is a key supporting agency for the current application by Professor Mike Aitken for an ARC Industry Laureate Fellowship titled “Evidence-based Policy Making for Superannuation and Retirement Marketplace”.

The Fellowship project aims to transform the quality of the superannuation and retirement income “marketplace”. It will investigate existing marketplace practices through datamining and modelling to identify information asymmetry and compliance gaps.

Outcomes include research-informed scholarship to inform evidence-based policy-making, an integrated data repository for national and international superannuation market micro-structure research, commercializable IP and pathways to market for improved superannuation services. Vastly improved services at a much lower cost will raise the quality of life for Australians in retirement.

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