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Since 2001, Rozetta has been undertaking research to increase the quality of markets around the world to improve access, efficiency and fairness, benefiting organisations and individuals who operate in them.

Our research covers existing and emerging, as well as public and private markets. To date, we have initiated national research programs in capital markets, health markets and digital finance and are currently submitting a bid for a Cooperative Research Centre for Superannuation and Retirement Income to improve the efficiency of this market and improve the retirement incomes for all Australians. We have an ongoing program of linking PhD study programs to industry needs through our Industry PhD Scholarships Program.

Markets are central to capitalist economies.

The prices they produce both reflect and convey information.  Better markets produce better prices and better signals for resource allocation.

Since 2001, Rozetta Institute has been undertaking research to increase the quality of both private and public marketplaces around the world – to improve access, transparency, efficiency and fairness, benefiting organisations and individuals who operate in them.

In this sense, a ‘marketplace’ is a platform where ‘buyers’ and ‘sellers’ come together to trade, that is, to exchange underlying goods (either physical or representative like financial assets) and/or services. Our focus is on the economic system through which different companies compete with each other to sell their goods/services to end users (that includes individual consumers, businesses and governments). It is not a supply chain or an individual product market.

Rozetta Institute will invest in new research and research initiatives:

To achieve a substantial total societal impact.

As a benchmark, Rozetta is looking to achieve an impact which is at the highest end of the scale of impact that Australian research programs have been able to generate to date;

That achieves an improvement

That achieves an improvement in the functioning of a marketplace or enables the creation of a new marketplace;


Where the research is sufficiently focused to achieve impact.

That is driven by industry.

That is driven by industry.

We invite anyone in Australia


Rozetta Institute funds its own internal research program to identify prospective areas for new research initiatives that can achieve substantial total societal impact.


We undertake a rigorous validation process before we commit to a new initiative to ensure we have confidence that the initiative will achieve outsized impact and commercial returns, has the right team to deliver the desired results, and has a high chance of success. The Rozetta Institute will bring in external experts and leaders to support this process as needed.


Once initiatives are funded, Rozetta Institute continues to work with the new entities to ensure their success and to capture the lessons learned to inform the next generation of initiatives that are developed.

Rozetta undertakes research to improve the quality of markets
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