Rozetta Institute graduates are empowered to deliver meaningful change to global businesses, universities and governments

Shape your future with a tax-free Industrial PhD scholarship of up to AUD 50,000 a year.

A Rozetta Institute Industrial PhD Scholarship puts you at the heart of a unique research ecosystem where you will be encouraged to apply fresh thinking and new ideas to solve real-world industry problems and make a tangible difference.

Since 2001, this world-leading program has created over 200 graduates who now hold roles that include start-up founder, chief financial officer, hedge fund manager, academics in senior leadership positions, investment banker, research fellow, senior vice president and regulator.

If you are a first-class Honours or Masters graduate, if you want to undertake high-impact, high-value research, if you want to create institutional or social change, if you want to maximise your career opportunities, a Rozetta Institute Industrial PhD Scholarship equips you to become an entrepreneur, change agent or leader/innovator at places like NASDAQ, Google, NSW Treasury, Macquarie Bank, Financial Conduct Authority, UNSW and BBRC Private Equity.

“The program is all about industry placement, networking and contacts. It allowed me to pursue the career path I’m currently on and gave me a tremendous advantage.”

Alex Sacco

Rozetta Institute iPhD graduate

“RoZetta is my Formula 1 team. When I fed our data over into the Rozetta environment, they saw things we didn’t see because we weren’t looking for the things they were looking for. The iPhD Program let us tap youth – they think outside the box because there is no box! The Program is very well done – they matched the skill set that we were looking for with our business needs”

Graham Mirabito

Rozetta Institute iPhD

Change the world

Our iPhD Researchers have been embedded with industry partners, from exciting start-ups and scale-ups to blue-chip companies or government departments, in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. The research ecosystem supporting you provides ongoing academic and industry training to equip you with the skills and the confidence to deliver:

Groundbreaking new products and serivces

Permanent change to R&D capability

Commercial, social or environmental transformation

Substantial returns

“My research has real-world impact in regards to the decisions of industry and policy makers.”

Lin Han

Rozetta Institute iPhD Researcher

“I get the opportunity to establish relationships with experts in the sphere, which I don’t think any [standard] university scholarship would provide”

James John

Rozetta Institute iPhD Researcher

Who can apply

We have several scholarships available that are worth AUD 50,000 per year for up to three years. Our Industrial PhD researchers are enrolled at one of our partner universities To be successful you will have:


A first-class Honours degree or a Masters degree with a major research component


A desire to make a difference


Enthusiasm to turn solving problems for your employer into a career-enhancing PhD for you


Strong written and verbal communication skills


The ability to work in a team environment


A flexible approach to your research topic – it will be determined together with your industry sponsor and academic supervisor

If you meet these criteria and you are interested in this opportunity, please send your CV and Academic Transcripts to Andrew Lepone

“The scholarship provides you with enough funding to sustain a normal lifestyle. It’s fantastic.”

Marc Bohmann

Rozetta Institute iPhD Researcher

Our research areas

Rozetta undertakes research to improve the quality of markets. For more information visit our research page.

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