Rozetta Institute recently announced its funding support for the Nature Positive Economy Collaborative Research Centre (CRC). Rozetta will fund the development of a bid for Stage 1 of Round 25 of the CRC Program, which is due in March 2024.

The aim of Nature Positive Economy CRC is to “Support Australia’s rapid transition to a ‘nature positive’ economy that decarbonises and reverses biodiversity decline in a profitable and globally competitive manner.”

A nature positive economy restores and protects the environment, which in turn enables the economy to thrive. While the Australian Government is establishing the laws to underpin a nature positive economy, the market infrastructure – such as trusted tools, finance structures, and digital exchanges – to enable this economy to grow and thrive are yet to be built. This is the role of the Nature Positive Economy CRC.

Currently in the consultation phase, the Nature Positive Economy CRC is seeking feedback on the key elements of success for a national, high impact research centre that supports Australia’s transition to a nature positive economy. Get in touch by writing to

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