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Dr Andreas Furche

Dr Andreas Furche

Non-Executive Director

Andreas Furche is a Non-Executive Director of Rozetta Institute. He has been involved in the development of financial technology start-up companies for over 25 years, in Australia, the US and Europe.

Presently Andreas is Founder and CEO of the Digital Finance CRC.

In previous CRC experience, he developed the original commercialisation strategy of CMCRC (the forerunner of Rozetta Institute) in 2003, and was involved in the development of a number of start-up businesses within CMCRC. He founded and led CMCRCs investment fund 2014-2017, the first VC fully owned by a CRC. He also helped establish CMC-IS (now Lorica Health), the leading Australian supplier of fraud and error detection in health insurance claims.

As CEO of SMARTS, he led the development and growth of the world-leading market surveillance company, which was bought by Nasdaq in 2010.

Prior to his involvement with CMCRC, Andreas was a partner in Electronic Trading Concepts, which was acquired by Securenet in 2000. In the 1990s, he worked as a software developer and project manager on the development and employment of expert systems. His addiction to start-up companies started with his involvement in David Chaum’s DigiCash, one of the most interesting ‘commercial failures’ of the early Internet.

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