is an independent and open research organization with a significant endowment fund

We invite anyone in Australia

who share the same goal to contact us to discuss how we might work together.


We collaborate to implement innovation centres that drive transformative impact to people’s lives and economic activity, in subject areas of national strategic importance.


Proactively leverage funding, experience, and network into new, high-impact, strategic Research and Development (R&D) partnerships for Australia

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Conduct Research

To identify opportunities where new approaches and technology can transform aspects of an economic sector and improve people’s lives

Form consortia

(Companies, universities, PhD students, government) with the capacity to research, develop and deploy the required technologies to achieve a transformation in the sector

Specify commercially driven research

Programs that develop and support the development and application of transformational technologies


We select R&D subjects driven by impact potential


Our members include selected industry and universities


We determine our own areas of research focus


We are managed independently


We have a disciplined process


We publish what we produce

We have significant resources

  • Codified IP
  • Board and executive team networks
  • Member networks
  • University and industry partners

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Rozetta Institute

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